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    hoặc ~ 100,000 đ x 3 kỳ với Fundiin Tìm hiểu ?
  • ✅ Use before training, support power up
    ✅ High Beta Analine and Creatin ratio increases endurance and strength
    ✅ Great taste first appeared on the market
    ✅ Standard 2: 1: 1 BCAA gold standard for the most comprehensive and verified recovery
    ✅ There are fast recovery aids such as Glutamine, Electrolytes
    ✅ There is an adjunct to training Citruline and Vitamine
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What is ABE - Pre Workout?

ABE - Pre Workout is a energy drink used before 30 minutes of practice to help wake up and supplement exercise aids and vitamins. Using pre workout containing Creatin and Beta Analine such as ABE - Pre Workout will give you more strength and endurance, thereby completing a better exercise, better muscle growth. Especially ABE - Pre Workout contains up to 3 types of advanced Creatin (Tri - Creatine) to help the body have a super high-quality nutrient source to help muscles work more strongly.

The taste of ABE - Pre Workout is very delicious and loved all over Europe. The Engnery is made similar to the beef cow's energy drink which is familiar with the majority of Vietnamese people and bought the most. In addition, there are many good things to enjoy such as Cherry Cola, Bubble Gum, Icy Blue raz and Ice Blast (Scented nose and mouth like enjoying candy colia).

What is BCAA Hydrate?


BCAA Hydrate is a BCAA that has been improved with more rehabilitation and exercise aids. Very few BCAAs on the market contain Glutamine to help the body recover as quickly as BCAA Hydrate, but it also has citruline to help circulate blood, electrolytes (Electrolytes) to support the body to recover later. when exercising high intensity sports.

BCAA Hydrate has a ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine 2: 1: 1 which are the most standard ratios that have been shown to have rapid muscle recovery effects. BCAA Hydrate is made from 100% pure high quality BCAA and uses natural extracts, does not contain artificial flavorings, is safe for health, can be used for long term.


BCAA is Branched-chain amino acids - are three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which the body cannot produce itself, so we have to eat from outside food to supplement. All foods like whey, beef, chicken and fish contain BCAA in it. If these amino acids are not added, the body cannot survive. BCAA accounts for one-third of the protein molecule that helps muscle growth, and it also helps to repair them.

High levels of BCAA are found in red meat and marine fish. BCAA contains protein such as Whey Protein, which contains a lot of BCAA.

BCAA Hydrate is strictly regulated and has quality certification from licensed food management organizations.



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Hướng dẫn sử dụng

Add one pack of ABE (10.5g) to 250ml of cold water, shake well and use before 30 minutes.

Add one pack of BCAA (14g) to about 500ml of water, adjust the amount of water to suit your taste, better when cold drink. Use during exercise or after exercise

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