Fat Burner Shred X - Applied Nutrition - 90 tablets

  • 900,000 đ
    Giá cũ: 1,000,000 đ
    Tiết kiếm : 100,000 đ
  • ✅ Enhance metabolism
    ✅ Increase calorie intake daily
    ✅ Great birth heat burns fat
    ✅ Increase concentration and concentration
    ✅ Increase performance and work efficiency
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- SHREDX - A #Appliednutrition fat burning product with all natural ingredients, no worries of side effects, especially, superior advantages compared to other MOM products.

👉 Chromium: promotes metabolism, bad body metabolism, leading to accumulation of excess fat, Chromium will contribute to better metabolism.

👉 Contains 278mg of caffeine. Other natural ingredients such as green tea extract, olive leaf extract, cayene chili powder, black pepper extract.

👉 A mixture of vitamins B makes you not as tired and tired as other types of fat burners.

Viên đốt mỡ Shred X - Applied Nutrition - 90 viên


Only 3 capsules a day will give birth to heat, increase metabolism and B group vitamins to support movement to help you increase the most optimal calorie consumption without being "broken" tired. The most plus point here is that Shred X optimizes the amount of caffeine and teacrine together not so much, not less than three capsules for the whole day, always sober. If you have a reasonable training program, this good diet plan combined with Shred X will help you get over the expected plan.


Viên đốt mỡ Shred X - Applied Nutrition - 90 viên

Use 3 capsules a day

Morning: 1 tablet

Before practice: 2 tablets

Or use on demand, avoiding drinking after 6 hours can cause difficulty sleeping due to caffeine
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