Protein bar Pro-Crunch box with 12 bars

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  • You crave snacks and this can easily make you unable to control?

  • You don't like the Brownies protein because they're soft.

  • So try another one. Pro-Crunch Bar What is Pro-Crunch Protein Bar?

What is Pro-Crunch Protein Bar?


Pro-Crunch coal can be said to be the best low carb protein bar from the United Kingdom. Over 12 months of research and experimentation, Gonutrition has launched a protein bar with a high protein content but still ensures great taste. But not only flavor, Pro-Crunch also boasts extremely impressive nutritional content, with more than 20g of high-quality protein and less than 2g of sugar in each bar, you can be confident that this protein is worth it. piece price. All of this makes Pro-Crunch a "people's home bar protein" - high protein, low sugar still without sacrificing flavor.

What does Pro-Crunch taste taste like?


A great jump in the industry, ignoring all the bland protein bars, no different from mixing the powders together, the Pro-Crunch bar is really hard to resist. Inside the core is a soft brownie layer, which is unmistakably crispy on the outside, they are covered with soft caramel before being coated with luxurious chocolate.

Bánh Protein Bar Pro-Crunch vị sô cô la caramel hộp 12 thanh


What's in Pro-Crunch Bars?

As a result of more than 12 months of research and development, you can be assured that each bar is of quality. Pro-Crunch packs more than 20g of protein derived from a high-grade mixture. Milk protein provides a velvety smooth feel while including amazing crispy protein pieces. Even better, with less than 2 grams of sugar per bar and less than 250 calories, they create a protein-rich snack that you can safely eat anytime of the day. Pro-Crunch contains no palm oil and other sauces you can find in lower quality bars.

Bánh Protein Bar Pro-Crunch vị sô cô la caramel hộp 12 thanh

How can Pro-Crunch bars support my goals?

High protein content supports lean muscle growth, muscle recovery and repair. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking to replace unhealthy snacks in their diet. They can be used before or after workout to boost your workout and recovery process, and also as a snack anytime of the day. So, bring one in your exercise bag to boost your protein when you're hungry.



Bánh Protein Bar Pro-Crunch vị sô cô la caramel hộp 12 thanh

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