Protein Cookies - Protein Brownies - Box of 5

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Are you in the process of dieting or squeezing but are hungry during the day? Looking for a cake that satisfies the sweet craving but still doesn't worry about gaining weight?

Brownies protein from Gonutrition is a sure choice you should not ignore. What is Brownies protein? Brownies protein is a protein-rich cake with extremely low content. For each cake, you can add more than 20g of protein and less than half a gram of sugar, along with only 200kcal. Each cake weighs 64g with abundant protein sources, from milk protein to bean protein and protein from hydrolyzed wheat flour. Convenient boxed with 5-box box, very convenient for you to take to work, travel or work far away without worrying about your body's lack of protein.

Bánh Protein Brownies - Hộp 5 cái


Protein Brownies are available in 4 extremely delicious flavors: Chocolate Chip (Chocolate Nut), Chunky White Chocolate (White Chocolate), Chocolate Coaca Nibs and white chocolate & raspberry.

Bánh Protein Brownies - Hộp 5 cái

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