TPW OMEGA 3 90 capsule

TPW OMEGA 3 90 capsule

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  • 300,000 đ
  • * 90 capsules, each capsule 1000mg
    * Support cardiovascular and visual
    * Lose weight and build muscle support
    * Each capsule contains 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA
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Omega 3 is a high quality, especially high quality omega 3 supplement formulated from premium fish oil. Each capsule of Omega 3 supplements contains 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA. DHA contributes to maintaining normal and visual brain function. EPA and DHA contribute to normal cardiovascular function.

Omega 3 supplements in your diet are proven to offer a variety of health benefits ranging from cardiovascular health to weight loss.




Omega 3 supplements are a polyunsaturated fat that has long been thought to be beneficial for health. The human body cannot create OMEGA 3 fat, so they must be made through diet which is why nutritionists recommend taking an Omega 3 supplement. Health benefits related to Omega 3 supplements, with evidence that OMEGA-3's EPA and DHA can improve both cardiovascular health and cognitive health and lower trigycleride levels and support fat loss.



There are several types of omega 3 fatty acids. Two important types of EPA and DHA are mainly found in certain fish species. The UK government recommends taking 200mg per day, equivalent to 2-3 portions of oily fish per week. This is not always possible, so adding TPW ™ OMEGA 3 provides you with all your requirements. Finally, while fatty acids found in Omega 3 supplements are often considered supplements to improve overall health and wellness, sports scientists have recently found supplements. Omega 3 supplements have a role in reducing fat, increasing endurance and even building muscle. It is believed that it achieves this by 'regulating' mitochondria (called 'powerhouses' of cells) which in turn improves the efficiency of the cells in the body while working. sex. This is the reason why Omega 3 supplementary fatty acids are considered by many to be a major complementary food because its benefits are both health and performance.

TPW Dầu cá Omega 3 - 90 viên

Use 1-3 tablets daily. Drink after meals or before going to bed

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